Wizard ranks range from Pre-Wizard to S-Class Wizard. To be able to move up a rank you usual need to compeate with a team ins multiple trials and/or duels (battles). When your team decides that your all ready to move up a rank, you prepare for the next trial, tournment, or duel. For your team to get the instructions, rules, mission (or challenge or just what your doing for it), and where to go, please contact one of the 10 Wizard Saints. Some of the Wizard Saints may be compeating in the trial, tournment, or duels as well. One of the 10 members of the Wirzard Saints should be able to tell you where to meet up with your team the day of the trial, tournment, or duel. Be sure to be at least 10 minutes early to hear all the rules and etc. If your team breaks a rule, your trial, tournment, or duel is over. Theese trials, tournments, and duels held at multiple places. S-Class trials are ONLY held once a month, which makes them a huge deal. If you miss it, you must wait till next month to enter. The other tournments and duels are held more ofthen than S-Class. Please attempt to get to your next rank at your own risk. Have fun and keep safe!

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S-Class Wizards are the most skilled, and powerful out of most wizards. Often times they form teams, or they do their own missions and jobs. To become an S-Class Wizard, you enter a trial. You must be an Advanced Wizard to enter. During the trial you go through multiple tasks and challenges. The two remaining teams will have a magical duel to determine who makes S-Class. Teams range from 2 to 5 members. The qualifications for the trial include, at least 15,000 jewel, approval from your guild master, a team of at least 2 members, and agreement from your team. These trials are held monthly.

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Advanced Wizards are skilled and powerful though not as powerful as S-Class Wizards. They often go on missions hoping to train hard enough to become S-Class someday. To become an Advanced Wizard, you go through magical tournaments. You must be a Wizard to enter. Many rounds are held untill there is the final round. The winning team of the final round becomes Advanced Wizards. Teams range from 2 to 5 members. These tournaments are held every 7-18 days.

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Wizards use many different types of magic. Some wizards include Ice Wizards, Fire Wizards, Water Wizards, and Earth Wizards. Those are only a few of the many different types of wizards in the magical world. To become a wizard you enter a duel. The duel is between 2 teams. Teams range from 2 to 5 members. The winner of this duel becomes a Wizard. You must have at least 3,000 jewel and a masters approval. These duels are held every 1-5 days.

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Pre-Wizards are usually wizards who are beginning or still learning magic. Often times Pre-Wizards form teams of 2 to 5. They are usual wizards who have just joined a guild. After they've learned magic, they attempt and try easy jobs to start with. Soon they work their way up the ranks. You become a Pre-Wizard the moment you join a guild.