A "team" consists of at least two members but may also be a combination of teams in cases of big mission. Teams are formed for the purpose of simplifying ordinary, illegal and special missions in Fairy Tail. Each team is commonly affiliated with a guild and works on job requests, both legal and illegal. Teams may be disbanded due to mission accomplishment or failure, withdrawal of a member or the leader, or their affiliated organization being disbanded.

Team Natsu (active) Edit

- Natsu Dragneel -carolina13544 (RussetFeather)

- Lucy Heartfilia- liftingsights (Willow runnerx) -Erza Scarlet- silverstream647 (Aspenfeather)

-Gray Fullbuster- Hjlee (Hjlee)

-Wendy Marvell- jojojade19 (jojojade19)

Tenrou Team