Welcome to Animal Jam Guilds Wikia!

Here at AJGW (Animal Jam Guilds Wikia) players roleplay as guild members. This idea came from the anime Fairy Tail. We ask that there are only one of each of these guilds. This was first stared when we talked about anime and soon moved the the topic Fairy Tail, after a long while we opened a Fairy Tail Guild (sorta like a club). We also ask that each guild does't have multiples of the same charecters and that the other guilds don't take a charecter from another guild. The founders of this include Erza Scarlet ( Sacaen ), Gray Fullbuster ( hjlee ), Natsu Dragneel ( carolina13554 ), Lucy Heartfelia ( liftingsights ), and Wendy Marvell ( Hitachiinz ). We hope everyone can enjoy this and have fun with it!


Fairy Tail- hjlee's den [1]

Sabertooth- N/A

Mermaid Heel- N/A

Lamia Scale- N/A

Blue Pegasus- N/A

Quatro Cerberus- N/A

Raven Tail- N/A


  • Don't copy a guild if there is already that guild. Example: There is already a Fairy Tail guild, you may not copy that guild or it's characters.
  • No swearing at all. This is a child-friendly site.
  • Don't spam a page and don't edit a page without permisson (unless you created the page than you do as you shall).
  • No vandalism this provides a hard time on administrators.
  • Have fun and happy editing everyone!